17 Clever Dogs Who Found Ways To Bend All The Rules

Pushing boundaries one paw at a time.

Dogs are no dummies! They know how to push the boundaries and bend the rules just enough so that they can’t get in trouble. Just take a look at the 17 clever pups below!

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “My dog isn’t allowed on furniture, so this is what he resorts to.”

#2 “My dog is not allowed on the couch, but he’s allowed to sleep on this blanket.”

#3 Technically, I’m not on the couch cushions.

#4 As long as one foot is on the ground, I’m not on the ottoman. 😛

#5 What? It’s just my chin…

#6 Just catching some sleep while I’m not on the couch.

#7 “The dog isn’t allowed on the couch, so after the babies threw the cushions on the floor, she seized her opportunity and stared at me triumphantly.”

#8 You said I’m not allowed in this room, so…

#9 As long as I’m only halfway in, right?

#10 If I don’t see you, you can’t see me!

#11 If I start with just my head, maybe they won’t notice as I slowly work up to my entire body.

#12 I know I just wanted to go out, but I still want to know what’s going on in here.

#13 Pushing boundaries one paw at a time.

#14 “This is how my dog lays when we eat since he’s not allowed in the kitchen. So polite.”

#15 I’m NOT in the kitchen…

#16 “My dog’s solution to not being allowed in the kitchen when we are cooking.”

#17 “My dog isn’t allowed in the kitchen, this is his solution.”