Puppy Abandoned For His Looks Gets A Second Chance At Life

“I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect.”

The story about a dog thrown out because of his imperfections is heartbreaking. He was dropped off at a high-kill shelter all because of his looks. But Cause For Paws took the reins to make sure this little guy would get his much-deserved second chance at life.

This pit bull puppy was left on the steps of a high-kill shelter.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

He wasn’t wanted because of his looks and was separated from his mom and siblings. He was born with a half-formed right ear and a blind left eye.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

But Nicole Horabik of North Carolina’s Cause for Paws saw his adoption ad online and knew she had to find him.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

She immediately got the 8-week-old pit bull and brought him home. She named him Captain Morgan and made a post about his story on Facebook.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

“I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect. Share if you think I am perfect!!!”

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

Nicole wanted people to understand that dogs may not always be perfect in some eyes, but they can still be amazing pets.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

Other than Captain Morgan’s underbite and a herniated belly, he had a clean bill of health!

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

Captain Morgan got along with Nicole’s other disabled dogs and really displayed his amazing personality.

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

Her hope was that he’d find a family to love him exactly the way he was, imperfections and all…

Facebook/Nicole Horabik

And that’s exactly what happened! Captain Morgan would go on to the perfect forever home for him. 🙂

h/t – Reshareworthy

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