18 Crazy Cat Dads And Their Feline Friends Doing Their Thing Together

So cute!

Sure, dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats have a place in their dads’ hearts too. In the 18 photos below, you’ll see some kitties who are pampered and spoiled with the best of them. And these crazy cat dads don’t care who knows it! 😛

h/t Bored Panda

#1 Chip and his dad enjoying the view.

#2 “Rolled over one morning to see the cutest thing ever”

#3 “My boyfriend Cliff works from home” 🙂

#4 “He found a kitten crying outside a couple days ago who prefers sleeping like this.”

#5 “My dad has achieved 100% cat relaxation”

#6 “My boyfriend is comforting our cat, he had a rough day”

#7 “My dad fixing the pool. His cat likes to help.”

#8 “Two best friends growing old together: How my 20-year-old cat and 70-year-old Father spend their evenings.”

#9 Just a kitten backpacking with Dad!

#10 “My dad tends to hold the cat’s hands when he nods off”

#11 “Dad’s a heat radiator so we LOVE to snuggle with him!”

#12 Dad and the cat kids! 😀

#13 “Here’s an outtake from our bathroom shoot the other day”

#14 “My best buddy and bodyguard.”

#15 “My emotional support animal”

#16 “A seriously cute moment between my boyfriend and cat”

#17 “The bond between my dad and his cerebral palsy cat.”

#18 Taking a nap on Dad’s shoulders.