Spoiled Senior Chihuahua Has Spare Closet Turned Into Her Own Personal Room

Cupid loves her tiny bedroom.

Betsy Redfern of Richland, Mississippi, has a 12-year-old Chihuahua named Cupid, and they’re the best of friends. When she went away for college, she brought Cupid along. But she felt bad being at class and leaving her dog home alone. That’s when she came up with the idea to make Cupid her own room in the spare closet in their apartment. 🙂

Betsy Redfern/KOCO 5 News

The cozy space would provide Cupid some comfort while Mom was away. This room consists of a tiny four-post bed and comforter along with a matching curtain above, all designed by Besty’s mom. Above the curtain is a sign with Cupid’s name, and the floor is covered with a shag rug.

Betsy Redfern/KOCO 5 News

The colors and patterns of Cupid’s own little personal room complement her mom’s bedroom. To complete the room, Betsy hung all of Cupid’s clothes up with hangers! What a lucky and very spoiled pooch. 😉

Betsy Redfern/KOCO 5 News

For Christmas, Cupid even got her own decorated tree for some added holiday cheer! The Chihuahua loves her bedroom, and it gives her the perfect place to feel relaxed and safe when Mom can’t be at home with her. 🙂

h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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