Dog Leaps To Her Feet And Does ‘Ballet’ While Watching The Horse Races

We all know some dogs like to watch TV, but have you ever seen a dog so excited watching its favorite show that it leaves the ground completely and performs what looks like some ballet moves? Bella gets super into horse racing, and that much is made very clear in the video below! 😀

TikTok user @mustangmadddy had this to say about the silly pooch:

“Bella is my boyfriend’s parents’ dog. She is a Wheaten terrier from Kentucky who spends her days just waiting for animals to come on tv, and horse racing is her favorite. She jumps for joy as soon as the gates fly open and watches the whole race. They also have another Wheaten terrier named Quincy he’s known for jumping in the pool and swimming to his favorite raft. They are two of the most rambunctious and loveable dogs you will ever meet.”