10 Moms Who Wanted Nothing To Do With The Dog But Came Around Soon Enough

Now they are proud dog mamas!

These moms wanted nothing to do with being the owner of a dog, but soon enough they came around in very big ways! They are now proud dog mamas who have made complete 180s after experiencing the love and joy only a dog can provide. 🙂

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 Mom got her a hat.

#2 “I don’t want dogs!”

#3 “I do not want more dogs in the house you already have one”

#4 And now, a selfie! 😛

#5 From all of that to a photo shoot!

#6 “I do not want dogs!”

#7 Mom gets the dog a fancy bed and teddy bear! 😀

#8 “And when we’re eating I do not want the dog in the kitchen”

#10 Quite the change of heart. 😉