Dog in need found lying in the street didn’t want anyone’s help

A street dog was hit by a car and left to suffer in the road. A good Samaritan noticed the dog and sent video of her to a rescue group called Good World Shelter. A volunteer arrived on scene to help this poor girl who’d lived with these injuries for too long and was so close to dying on the spot.

When the dog tried getting up on her own, she’d yelp out in pain. She didn’t want to be touched, but she couldn’t possibly understand what was best for her in this state. The dog was immediately taken in for X-rays and treatment and set on the road to recovery.

They were finally able to gain her trust, and she was taken to a private shelter where she could get even more care and one-on-one interaction. And two months later, the pup’s spine had healed up, and she even broke out of her shell enough to make some new doggy friends! Amazing. 🙂

A group of rescued street puppies run free in a lush field

Mama comes running when she sees man taking her only puppy