26 Pets With Different Colored Eyes That Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Just beautiful!

Heterochromia iridum is a rare condition in which the colored part of the eye is multicolored, and in some cases, the color of the iris in one eye might be different from that of the other eye. The 26 pets below look absolutely stunning with their different colored eyes, and they’re a must see!

h/t The Dodo

#2 “His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.”

#3 This adorable pup.

#5 Brings a whole new meaning to “puppy eyes.”

#6 “I volunteer as a photographer for the local humane society and I met this lovely dog with heterochromia iridum.”

#7 What a gorgeous kitty.

#8 “Maynard has heterochromia iridis”

#9 “June shows off her Heterochromic eyes”

#10 “This is my co-worker’s dog… she has Heterochromia Iridum”

#11 “Found this little guy while I was volunteering at a local shelter.”

#12 Just relaxing and looking beautiful. 😉

#13 “Meet Shadow, our new Husky/Shepherd rescue dog with very pronounced Heterochromia!”

#14 “Heterochromia is a beautiful thing!”

#15 “An adorable case of heterochromia iridum”

#17 “People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes”

#18 “Border collie with double heterochromia, 4 different colours.”

#19 “My beautiful ‘Heterochromia’ girl!”

#20 Venus the Chimera Cat!

#21 “Gorgeous cat with two different eye colours!”

#22 “Just my friends puppy with different colored eyes chillin on my lap”

#23 “German Koolie”

#25 “Cat with heterochromia iridum”

#26 “My pup Dharma’s heterochromia.”