Man Finds Helpless Baby Animal On The Road And Scoops Him Up

One evening, a man noticed a dead wombat on the side of the road and decided to pull over. And it was a good thing that he did; there was a baby wombat still breathing and lying by her side. So he wrapped the baby in his shirt and took him directly to Lisa Milligan of Wild About Wildlife.

The baby wombat was brought to the Wild About Wildlife center in need of help since he no longer had a mom.

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

He was way too young to survive on his own, and they weren’t sure he was going to make it.

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

Then Max the kangaroo started to take interest in Digger!

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

He’d follow and try to “help” Lisa Milligan, owner of the nonprofit animal center, as she took care of the baby wombat. 😉

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

Max, another resident at the Wild About Wildlife center, didn’t hesitate to take Digger in as his new brother.

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

Although Digger would require around-the-clock care, he’d grow stronger and stronger each day. And having a big brother around the house surely helped!

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

Digger would need lots of love and affection, and Lisa and Max would provide him with plenty!

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

The baby wombat is fortunate to have been given this second chance at life with his new family.

Facebook/Wild About Wildlife

It’s so nice to see Digger in great hands and Max with a new baby brother to love! Amazing.

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