Woman Sees Abandoned Dog In Restaurant, Knows She Can’t Just Leave Him Behind

The look on his face was too much.

Kiara Alamo was eating at a restaurant in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, when an unusual figure caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. It was a skinny white dog sitting in the corner just watching people come and go. The look on his face was one of pain and anguish. Kiara knew she couldn’t just ignore him.

Kiara Alamo

Right then and there the woman knew she wouldn’t be finishing her meal and leaving without the dog.

“I was worried about the dog because the restaurant is near a highway,” Kiara told The Dodo. “So my mom convinced me to take the dog home.”

Kiara Alamo

Uto appeared to have trouble walking, and the next morning the dog’s condition didn’t improve, so Kiara decided to take the dog to a local vet for a checkup. There she learned that Uto would need an operation to walk without pain, and she was determined to do whatever it’d take to get him healthy again.

Kiara Alamo

After a successful operation, Uto regained the strength in his back leg. The dog had become part of the family after months of hard work. Kiara’s plan had always been to foster him until she could find him a forever home, but she couldn’t turn him away. She decided to keep him. 🙂

Kiara Alamo

A year later, Uto is still hesitant and nervous around strangers but loves cuddling with Kiara and the family’s three other dogs.

Kiara Alamo

Thanks to Kiara’s kind heart and determination, Uto’s leg is completely healed. Not to mention, he now has a wonderful place to call home!

Kiara Alamo

“Uto [taught] me how to be happy no matter what’s happened in your past,” Kiara said. “He’s got so much love to bring me, that he doesn’t even care about what other people did to him.”

Uto returns the favor every day with his contagious smile and loving personality, and the two couldn’t be happier together. 🙂

h/t The Dodo

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