Dad Builds His Boy A Small Staircase So He Can Look Out The Window With The Dog

Lucy the six-year-old Golden Retriever likes to look out of the window just like every other dog. But she also has a little buddy — her human brother, Connor — who loves to partake in the neighborhood watch with her! 🙂

Dave Coughlin/The Dodo

Connor’s little plush chair only enabled him to just barely see out the window though, and Dad felt bad. So he came up with an idea to give his son a better view. He bought about $100 worth of lumber and went for it!

Dave Coughlin/The Dodo

When finished, it would take the boy a little time to learn to crawl up the steps, but he loved it! The “fort” gives him an equal vantage point with Lucy to look outside upon hearing a horn or motorcycle.

Dave Coughlin/The Dodo

The gentle giant of a dog is more than happy to share her spot in the window with her brother. It just means they can spend even more time hanging out and doing things together! 🙂

H/T – The Dodo

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