Dog Barks In The Middle Of The Night, Mom Sees Her Circling Her Bed

Nova is brand new to the world and in the process of figuring out what life’s all about. So to say there are some hiccups along the way would be pretty accurate! One night early in the morning hours, Mom heard her pup barking. She checked security footage and saw the dog circling her bed and prepared for the worst.

“She doesn’t normally bark, so I checked live surveillance from my phone and saw her staring something down and circling it,” Taylor Eubanks told The Dodo.

But it would turn out to be a false alarm.

Taylor entered the room to see what the fuss was all about expecting to see a snake or a bug or something. And it ended up being a piece of yarn that Nova had torn from her bed earlier in the day! No monster under the bed, but this was some nice guard-dog practice for a young pup learning on the fly. 😉

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