Dog Wants To Stay At The Park A While Longer, Plays Dead For Dad

Every dog loves the park! It’s a place to run and play with so many things to sniff and explore. The only bad part of it all is when it’s time to leave and go back home. Dogs never seem to be done and ready to go, and it can be quite the struggle getting them to cooperate!

On a nice day in Queensland, Australia, Nicola Booth was out and about when she got to witness the epic clash between a dad and dog who weren’t on the same page. Dad insisted it was time to go, but the dog wanted to stay put!

The dog, Vincent, did his best to play dead so he wouldn’t have to leave the park. No matter what Dad tried, his efforts proved futile. After a long back-and-forth between the two, Dad did what he had to do and appeared to go get a treat with which to bribe the dog. Too funny! 😀

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