Older Dog Gets A New Puppy Sister, And He’s Clearly Less Than Thrilled

The family just brought home a new puppy, but somebody is not impressed! The photos posted to Imgur by MaedayMaeday have made their way around the internet as memes, and it’s easy to see why. Just look at that face! 😀

They just brought home the new puppy, but he’s not too thrilled about having a little sister!


No matter her shenanigans, his facial expression doesn’t change.


The pup attempts to be affectionate, but he remains unfazed!


I suppose it’ll just take a little time to adjust, but that face says it all! 😛


It’s just your typical “older sibling” behavior, don’t you think? It won’t be long before they are best friends and he becomes the around-the-clock protector of his little sis. 🙂

h/t I Heart Dogs

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