Dog Walks In To The Cops And Gets Arrested Owner Freed From The Police Station

One night in the Dominican Republic, a man was arrested for breaking curfew that was set during the recent pandemic. Police officers handcuffed him and took him in for processing, but he wouldn’t be held there long on account of his very persuasive pup!

Victor Lopez/Facebook

The man’s dog strolled into the police station turning the heads of all of the cops. This is when they would see the strong bond between the man and his dog and decide to just let him off with a warning instead of keeping them apart! 🙂

Victor Lopez/Facebook

“You know why I’m going to let him go? Because that dog came and told me [the man] was his. And that’s why I’m going to let him go. It’s the first time I have handed over a prisoner to a dog.” said police colonel José Francisco De La Cruz Mercedes.

See the dog convince the officers with his actions in the video below. Going forward, hopefully the man will be more careful and follow the law — or else he may not be so lucky next time! 😀

H/T – The Dodo