13 Dog Panorama Fails That’ll Have You In Tears From Laughing

The panorama mode on your camera is a way to capture a nice wide view of an area that you normally wouldn’t be able to capture in one shot. The problem is, it can be a bit wonky at times. People are sharing their panorama “fails” of their dogs, and I can’t stop laughing over here! 😀

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 “Took a panorama of my dog running.”

#2 “Friend tried to take a panorama of her Dachshund”

#3 “Taking a panorama of the yard when the dog walked by.”

#4 This worried-looking fella.

#5 Optimized for rummaging the ground for food scraps. 😀

#6 This sea creature and dog friend. 😉

#8 This dog who is mostly butt.

#9 The six-eyed angry boy.

#10 This funny pooch!

#11 Butters the Corgi as a Corgi-pillar.

#12 The three-headed river pooch.

#13 A day at the beach for this seven-legged furboy! 😉