Dog Finds Cat Freezing In The Snow And Drags Her To Safety

It’s always been thought that dogs and cats are complete opposites and mortal enemies, but it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. As different as they may be, there’s still an underlying sense of protection and survival with animals that often transcends species. And let’s face it, acts of kindness are not a new thing when it comes to our loving dogs. 🙂

In the video below, a dog is caught on camera helping out a stray cat in need. The dog noticed the cat was freezing out in the snow, and his instincts kicked in to drag the kitty all the way to his outdoor doghouse to give her shelter and a place to keep warm.

The dog’s owner heard the ruckus and recorded the heroic and heartwarming moment for all to see. While there isn’t much information on the video — and hopefully the cat was taken in for proper care at some point — this dog’s amazing actions and empathy are worth the recognition.