Dog Sneaks Out Behind Mom’s Back To Take A Dip In The Pool

Elliot is a fun-loving dog who likes to swim with his family! When they’re in the pool, he’ll whine and whine until someone picks him up and puts him in there to join. But recently, he took this hobby of his in a different direction and decided it was one he’d like to be able to partake in on his own every once in a while! 😛

The dog sneaks out behind everyone’s backs and somehow figures out how to climb up the pool ladder all by himself! Mom catches him in the act and proceeds to record the whole ordeal. Elliot gets to the top and then makes a splash!

“Taking a morning dip in the pool!! But mom caught me!!” says the caption on Instagram.

Elliot has always known how to get out of the pool on his own, and he’s a great swimmer. So there was no worries there. But know they know what might happen if he’s ever left outside alone!