12 Dogs Who Beat Cancer And Are Happy To Spread The News

This is the absolute best.

Getting the news that your dog has cancer is absolutely devastating. But it’s not always a death sentence — just look to these 12 dogs for inspiration. They won the battle with cancer, and they’re happy to spread the news and let the entire world know! 🙂

#1 Look at that face.

"Today is my last day of chemo"

#2 It’s a celebration! 🙂

"I made it! Today was my last day of chemotherapy!!"

#3 So happy for you, Doug!

"Hi I'm Doug. It's my last day of chemo!!!!"

#4 Fighting those stereotypes. 🙂

"I am a pit bull mix. The only thing I've EVER attacked.... was cancer, and I WON!"

#5 Great news!!

"I am cancer free 6 months today!!"

#6 Congrats to this little pooch!

"After 24 weeks of chemotherapy, I am cancer free!"

#7 Amazing.

"The vet called... And I'm CANCER FREE!"

#8 Randy’s a fighter! 🙂

"Hi, I'm Randy. And I'm going to kick cancer's butt today!"

#9 Good for you, sweetie!

"Yeah!! I took my last chemo pill!!"

#10 Isn’t this incredible?

"I've been cancer free for 8 months"

#11 This is just the best.

"I beat cancer today!"

#12 Priceless, indeed.

"Tumor removal - $600.  Chemotherapy - $3,500.  Your love and support - Priceless"