13 Dogs And Cats Who Don’t Want To Be Left Alone

They’ll do whatever it takes.

Our pets love us and want to be with us at all times. But sadly, that’s not always possible. Some dogs and cats are even so smart, they can tell when their owners are getting ready to leave, and they do their best to stop them. Just take a look below! 😀

h/t – BuzzFeed

#1 “My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.”

#2 “My dog is smart enough to understand that packing = people leaving bc of how often my parents go on trips.”

#3 “You weren’t planning on leaving the house today, were you?”

#4 “She thought we were leaving without her”

#5 “He cries everyday I leave for work. Today he’s decided he’s coming with me.”

#6 “I tried to leave early for work this morning but Mulder had other ideas…”

#7 “Every time I leave for work she does this, it’s not fair”

#8 “She could tell I was leaving to go back to school and didn’t want me to go”

#9 “My cat sits on my shoes when he doesn’t want me to leave”

#10 “My dog wedges his snout between the door when I leave for work so I can’t close it. One time he went the extra mile.”

#11 “Leaving Bentley is the hardest part of the day”

#12 “This is how Merlin attempts to prevent my brother from leaving his apartment.”

#13 “My dog whenever she realizes we are leaving the house”