Neglected Dogs Discovered Drinking From The Gutters Of Their House

Officer John Frederick responded to a complaint in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, about two dogs on the roof of their home. A Rottweiler and Pomeranian had climbed out of a window holding an air conditioner.

“A Rottweiler and a small Pomeranian were on the roof, and they were drinking from a gutter,” Officer Frederick said.


It was 90 degrees outside and the Rottweiler showed signs of having recently given birth. The neglected dogs ran back through the window when they spotted the officer, and he followed them inside.


Inside the house were empty bowls and feces all over the place. Police removed five dogs from the property and charged owner Jennifer Scott with multiple counts of animal cruelty and neglect. None of the dogs were vaccinated or licensed. As of publishing, the dogs had been moved to an area shelter for care.


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