16 Dogs Who Don’t Share The Same Enthusiasm You Have For Snow

Bah humbug!

Does the first snowfall of the year have you feeling overly excited? Well, these dogs feel otherwise. While some dogs love playing in the snow, the 16 below have had it up to here with the stuff! Winter is just not for them. 🙂

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 You know, this stuff really makes playing fetch difficult.

#2 His eyes say it all…

#3 Eric is not impressed.

#4 Kinley wants to know whose bright idea this was.

#5 You really think this will help?

#6 What are you doing to me?

#7 You can’t be serious with these…

#9 These two planning their escape.

#10 Can we go back inside now?

#12 You mean I have to go out in THAT to pee??

#13 “I peed on the snowman.”

#14 Booties? Not having it.

#15 I’ll just park it right here for the day.

#16 Why go out in the snow when I can make my own inside?