21 Dogs Who Are Having Quite The Identity Crisis, And They Fail To See The Problem

Silly dogs, those are for cats!

I think each of these dogs is suffering an identity crisis. Or maybe they just admire their cat siblings that much! While cats and dogs are very different animals, it doesn’t take much for them to blend right in with each other. You have to hand it to these dogs — their cat impersonations are spot on! 😛

#1 Umm, are you supposed to be up here??

#2 Yep – This is mine!

#3 If we fit, we sit!

#4 Are you my brother?

#5 When do we do the catnip thing?

#6 The cat did it first!

#7 At the bottom of the totem pole… for now.

#8 Look at us, just two pretty kitties in a basket. 🙂

#9 Am I doing it right?

#10 You can’t even tell the difference, right?

#11 It’s actually kinda scary all the way up here. How do they do this!

#12 Sorry, guess I’m still a dog at heart!

#13 Look at me! 🙂

#14 Cat-sized: check. Cat eyes: check.

#15 I can fit in here, too.

#16 Hopefully if I fall I’ll land on my feet.

#17 Yep, these were made for us!

#18 …I’m still trying.

#19 Cat tree and cat bed? Ohh yeahhh.

#20 Try and tell me I’m not a real cat. 😛

#21 Do I peaks right?