18 Times Dogs Proved To Be The Best Pals A Kid Could Ask For

Best friends forever.

Dogs make the absolute best companions for kids, and they’ve proven that again and again over the years. Put together from a post originally compiled by Bored Panda, the 18 photos below show exactly why this is the case! 🙂

#1 “We’ve been looking for a buddy for our 10 year old son for a few weeks and yesterday we found the perfect match!”

#2 A girl and her pup

#3 “Dog was sad about the cone, thankfully someone was willing to cheer him up!”

#4 “Because it’s raining outside..”

#5 “My daughter wanted to be a sheepdog for Halloween.”

#6 “When she comes home from a long day at school, having a bad day, been told off or sad… She cuddles her best friend.”

#7 “Doggo can’t stand when my son goes to school. She sat on him this morning so he wouldn’t leave”

#8 “My 7 month old son was sitting playing when my wife’s Great Pyreneese walked up and sat beside him.”

#9 “My son’s always been a hugger. My dog wasn’t totally comfortable with that at first, but he’s come around”

#10 “I think we found our babysitter”

#11 “My son and our dog 20 minutes after we adopted her”

#12 “He doesn’t look anything like us…”

#13 “If my son so much as cries, he rushes in to save his life. Best buds.”

#14 “My daughter is home with a fever. Puppy therapy has commenced.”

#15 “3 years of friendship”

#16 “My Pup and I, Circa 1988”

#17 “These two are inseparable.”

#18 “My nephew and his yellow lab”