Move Over, Grinch — These 12 Dogs Just Found New Ways To Ruin Christmas

These dogs just made their way to the naughty list!

If you think the Grinch ruined Christmas, just wait until you get a load of these dogs! The 12 former good boys just made their way to the naughty list, and mom and dad aren’t too happy about it. Help prevent Christmas from being ruined this year by sharing this post with your friends! 🙂

h/t Little Things

#1 “I killed Santa Claus.”

#2 “Umm, the Grinch was here and I chased him away… yeah!”

#3 “I ate your Elf on the Shelf!”

#4 “I was sitting here just looking at the tree and it fell over!”

#5 “I’m not doing anything that the cat didn’t do first!”

#6 I guess they don’t like elves.

#7 “I thought we were supposed to open gifts…”

#8 Gonna have to make another gingerbread house.

#9 “Look at the bright side, you get that new carpet you’ve wanted!”

#10 “…But it looked so real.”

#11 “I ate a Lowes gift card, a PF Chang’s gift card, and a $75 check. Merry Christmas!”

#12 “I just can’t help myself!”