16 Dogs Who Have No Shame, Vow To Not Get Caught Next Time


Labradoodles will be Labradoodles, and they will not apologize for it! These 16 Labradoodles got busted and shamed but will try harder to not get caught next time. 😛

h/t BarkPost

#1 “I ate mom’s fall pumpkin candle…. deee-lish! – Stanlee”

#2 “I eat rabbit poop.”

#3 “I literally ate a pair of mom’s underwear and barfed them back up.”

#4 “I like to eat socks and poop them out whole.”

#5 “I enjoy jumping up and pulling down my dad’s gym shorts in front of the neighbors instead of going potty.”

#6 “I chew on the deck.”

#7 “I ate 16 hot dogs that the kids needed for a project they were working on.”

#8 “I chewed and/or scratched this until no bits remained. While everyone slept. I’m a little ashamed. – Scruffy”

#9 “We thought mom bought this dog puppet as our replacement, so we took care of it ourselves. We are so not sorry!”

#10 “I locked my mom out of the car at the bus stop.”

#11 “I ate my little boy’s Halloween pumpkin.”

#12 “I ate the fish food and the high growth pellets!!!”

#13 “I chew on my leash, even after it has been dipped in vinegar and cayenne pepper. – Cosmo ‘Chewbacca'”

#14 “I ate a bag of pitas and a bag of flour tortillas and threw up in 7 spots! – Lily Bad Dog”

#15 “If your armpit is near me, I will sneak up behind you and LICK IT! (the sweatier & stinkier, the better!)”

#16 “We are NAUGHTY and ate one brand new stick of butter this morning AND shredded the newspaper and mom’s tissue paper last night.”