12 Dogs Who Aren’t Impressed With The Silly Hats Their Humans Picked Out

But they are very good sports!

These dogs have had it up to here with their humans’ shenanigans. First clothes, and now hats? They are not impressed. Get ready to sympathize with the 12 dogs below. 😛

#1 “This is the only hat my dog likes to wear.”

#2 “My Aunt’s dog in my wolf hat.”

#3 “My accomplishment of the morning is that I got this dog to wear this hat.”

#4 “Here is my dog in a hat”

#5 “Oh my god. Look at my hat.”

#6 “I recently played Javert in a local production of Les Mis, and I decided to put my hat on my dog…”

#7 “Just a dog with a hat”

#8 “I bought my dog a mini cowboy hat at Wal-Mart. Best $2 I’ve spent in a while.”

#9 “My girlfriend made this hat for my sister’s dog.”

#10 “Fez the Bernese Mountain Dog wears bucket hat”

#11 “Pineapple hat”

#12 “My dog doesn’t like his hat”