19 Times Dogs Showed Pure, Unconditional Love That’ll Warm The Heart

There’s a reason they’re called Man’s Best Friend.

It’s not enough for dogs to be happy. They want their humans to be happy too. Dogs go above and beyond to make sure their owners are content, and it’s why we call them Man’s Best Friend. Below are 19 moments of unconditional dog love to warm your heart.

h/t Bored Panda

#1 “How my puppy greets me when I get home from work”

#2 Dog refuses to leave the side of his unconscious owner after a fall.

#3 “My friend’s diabetic alert dog brought me a juice box after sensing my blood sugar.”

#4 Dog saves owner’s life by staying with him for 24 hours in freezing cold weather.

#5 Dog tucking in his human sibling. 🙂

#6 “He wasn’t feeling well and everyone wanted to help!”

#7 “When she comes home from a long day at school, having a bad day, been told off or sad. She cuddles her best friend.”

#8 “Dog protecting baby human from vacuum cleaner”

#9 “I have no doubt in my mind my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

#10 Dog who stayed with his owner until death.

#11 “We just had a new baby 2 weeks ago. My dog has decided that she is his and stays as close as he can to her at all times.”

#13 Jack Russell teaching baby brother to crawl.

#14 “My dog fell into an icy pond yesterday. My wife jumped in and saved him. This is how they slept last night.”

#15 “Today is my dad’s birthday, and all he wanted was to snuggle with our dog, who he hasn’t seen for a week because he’s been in the hospital.”

#16 “Watching TV with bestie”

#17 “My service dog is trained to respond to anxiety. One of the ways he responds is by making you hold his paw.”

#18 “My girlfriend’s dog knew she was feeling unwell so she brought her a toy.”

#19 “My dogs wouldn’t leave my mom’s side when she was sick.”