Blind Senior Pit Bull Is Cut Free Signaling The Beginning Of The Life He’s Always Wanted

This was his lucky day.

Hope For Paws received a call about a blind senior pit bull who wandered into a junkyard. An employee provided him with some food and water and begged for a rescue before her boss called animal control. When they arrived, they couldn’t believe the shape the poor thing was in.

Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz tried feeding and befriending him, and they noticed the years of neglect on the dog. Duncan’s nails were very long, he was super dirty and had bad teeth. They tried pulling him out from his hiding place, but a raggedy rope kept him in place. They cut it off signaling his new life of freedom and love.

After everything this dog had been through in life, he wasn’t about to fight the rescuers. He cooperated with everything they did and allowed them to pick him up and place him in the vehicle. He was taken back for medical help and a bath, and that’s where they noticed his laundry list of issues; he was blind, suffering from dehydration, had periodontal disease, corneal ulcers, two mass cell tumors, and a skin infection.

A bath revealed Duncan’s natural color, and medical help went a long way to fix his problems. He still needs time to heal and plenty of rest, but this boy is enjoying life in his foster home! No one knows how much time he has left, but Duncan deserves to have the forever home he’s always wanted.

If you’d like to donate, visit Hope For Paws

If you’d like to adopt Duncan, visit Frosted Faces Foundation