Calf Falls Into The Pool & Starts Drowning, Elephants Don’t Hesitate To Jump In

No matter the species, animals are wired first and foremost to be caretakers and protectors of their offspring. A mama or papa will give up their own life to save just one of their little ones. It’s a sentiment the animal kingdom shares with us humans, and it shows that when it comes to love, we’re not all that different after all.

In the video below, surveillance at the Grand Park Zoo in South Korea caught an intense and heroic moment. While hanging out by the pool, the calf stumbles and falls into the water. It struggles to stay afloat, and the adult elephants rush on over. They don’t hesitate to go into the pool as they realize it’s crucial and time is working against them. With their instincts kicking in, they were able to work to save the baby’s life. Just amazing! 🙂