With No Vet Where He Comes From, Stray Pup Kept Getting More And More Sick

A homeless puppy living in the De Doorns informal settlement in South Africa was sick and only getting sicker. And he wasn’t the only one — his mother was ill too. But sadly, this was life for so many strays and animals in an area without a veterinarian.

But thanks to Sidewalk Specials and sponsored care packs for Steri Drive 9, a new world was opened up to these dogs to be able to go see a vet! Now Eskom could get inoculated and be given parasite meds and antibiotics. He was finally getting the care he so desperately needed!

And three months later, Eskom was feeling all better! Also, his mama was taken care of; No more puppies for her, and just happy and healthy lives for the both of them from here on out! Take a look at them now. 🙂