Abused Dog Found With A Tight Rope Cutting Off Her Air Supply

A passerby in Panama came across a despicably neglected dog with a rope tied so tight around her neck that it was cutting off her oxygen supply. Saving Tails Panama was alerted to the situation, and they set out for rescue. The poor girl could do nothing but wait for someone to help as she fought for her life.

The dog was immediately taken back to the hospital where she was put on an IV. They ran some tests showing she suffered from malnutrition, dehydration, and severe anemia. If she was going to have a chance, it was going to take around-the-clock care and rehabilitation.

Esmeralda was so thin and weak that every passing day alive was a miracle. The dog started drinking water on her own, but that’s as far as she would make it. Sadly, Paws 4 Hope is reporting that sweet Esmeralda passed away after her short battle under the care of these amazing people. I’ll never understand how anyone can treat a dog in such a way, but it’s important for these innocent animals’ lives to live on through tributes such as this video. May Esmeralda rest in peace.