Cat With The Most Expressive, Dramatic Face Is Taking Over The Internet

Ah Fei’s photos are the best!

Ah Fei, which means “fat” in Mandarin, is the name of a cat with the most expressive face and dramatic reactions. He was rescued from the streets by his owner, Tang Chang, who lives in Jiangsu, China, and the cat is taking the internet by storm because of his looks! 🙂


Ah Fei is pretty lazy, but he is very sweet and loves his food. The cat is very responsive to things, and his reactions say it all. He may look as if he’s in a state of distress but he acts like this with everything, and he’s very spoiled by his human.


The smallest things set this kitty off, and it’s no wonder he’s gained such internet fame!


But it’s not always a look of shock or terror; Ah Fei throws a smile in here and there. 😉


Ah Fei is very lucky to be rescued and living with a loving owner. His pictures are just the best, and we hope they keep coming! 😀

h/t Bored Panda

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