Dog Tied Up On Short, Heavy Chain Was Meant To Guard The Junkyard

There was more to life than this for Frankie.

Frankie was tied up around the clock on a short and heavy metal chain connected to a car bumper in a junkyard. He had nowhere to go and was surrounded by his own waste. He’d never been to a vet, and his white fur was completely filthy.

Thankfully, a rescue group was alerted to the dog’s situation. When they showed up, Frankie wagged his tail like crazy despite being starved and neglected. His owner said the dog was meant to guard and protect the junkyard but agreed to hand him over.

Now in great hands, Frankie is living the life a dog is supposed to live. He’s so sweet and loving and just eating up everything about this new life of his. He’ll never have to worry about being neglected and left to defend some junkyard ever again.

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