Silly Dog Refuses To Bathe Anywhere Except For His Favorite Sink

As Franklin grew, the sink did not.

Franklin the Golden Retriever, like many other dogs, loves playing around and getting dirty. But he’s never too thrilled when it’s time to get cleaned up. His mom, Anam Rahman, was constantly chasing him around and trying to corral him into the tub. But one day she stumbled upon something that made life easier for the both of them!

Anam Rahman

“It started when I was in a rush for work, and I couldn’t go through the entire ordeal of getting him in the tub because he’s not too keen on going in to the bathroom,” Anam Rahman told The Dodo. “The sink just happened as a necessity because I didn’t have time to give him a full bath. It was so much easier because I could do his paws and his underbelly and I didn’t have to wash his entire back.”

Anam Rahman

The dog became hooked. But one problem: as Franklin grew, the sink did not. But that never stopped the 66-pound dog from enjoying baths in his little personal tub! He’s not a dog who loves to be carried around, but when he knows he’s being lifted into the sink, his attitude changes.

Anam Rahman

“I can tell when he’s distressed — he’ll pant a little more and look all over the place. But [in the sink] he looks very at ease, he has a smile on his face, and he just lets me bathe him very easily,” Mom continued. “And when he’s clean, he’ll jump back into my arms and I’ll get completely covered in soap and water.”

Anam Rahman

A clean dog equals a happy mom. And Franklin can’t wait to go get dirty so Mom can bathe him all over again! 🙂

h/t The Dodo

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