Small Dog Was Abandoned With Nothing, And Time Kept Ticking

Another victim of human cruelty lay on the road hoping for a miracle. Fortunately for this one, that miracle would arrive in the form of some very caring people. The poor dog suffered from malnutrition, severe anemia, and dehydration. Rescuers named him Frido and got him to a vet immediately.

Frido would need medicated baths to help with his mange, and he started off eating small meals. Around the clock rehabilitation would continue until he could stabilize. And little by little, steps to recovery were being completed! It wasn’t long before his fur started growing back in, and it changed color before their eyes.

Now looking whiter and brighter as each day passes, little Frido is making tremendous strides. There’s no quick fix for a condition like this, but this dog is well on his way while in good hands! He’ll never have to worry about being abandoned or neglected again. 🙂

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