13 Funny Signs That Make Going To The Vet A Much More Pleasant Experience

These vets have great senses of humor!

Let’s face it. Your dog doesn’t like going to the vet, and you don’t like taking your dog to the vet. Like going to the doctor, it’s not the greatest experience in the world. But some vets have come up with a way to lighten the mood upon arrival.

Take a look at these 13 hilarious signs!

#1 No parent wants that! 😀

"Sign at my local vet"

#2 Now THIS is a good one!

The Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital speaks the truth.

#3 Sooo many cheetahs…

"I live close to the funny vet sign too.."

#4 They make a very good point!

"Local vet changes his sign every month to something like this. Always gives me a laugh."

#5 At least they are honest.

The Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital is killing it!

#6 Get them tested!

Too funny!

#7 They finally caught him…

"My local animal clinic always has a funny sign up."

#8 And you thought one was bad…

If only our dogs could laugh at these!

#9 100% truth!

One of my absolute favorites! 😀

#10 Hmm… good point.

See that, doggies? You have to go! 🙂

#11 We’re just here for the flea medicine…

Making vet visits more interesting one sign at a time!

#12 Hahaha!!

I'm dying over here — LOL!

#13 Well, if you say so. 😛

Poor Shih Tzus. The butts of all pet jokes!