18 Funny Wildlife Photos From The Last Three Years If You Need A Good Laugh

These are hilarious!

Mother nature is beautiful, but she also has a funny side! The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards began in 2015, and their website lists the finalists and winners of the funniest wildlife photos from over the years. If you need a good laugh today, look no further! 😀

h/t Animal Channel

#1 “Cheering-sea-otter” by Penny Palmer

#2 “WTF” by George Cathcart

#3 “Slap” by Troy Mayne

#4 “All Dressed And Ready For Church” by Carl Henry

#5 “The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea Zampatti

#6 “Hitching A Ride” by Daisy Gilardini

#7 “Monkey-Escape” by Katy Laveck-Foster

#8 “Animal Encounters” by Jean Jacques Alcalay

#9 “Duck Speed” by John Threlfall

#10 “Mudskippers Got Talent” by Daniel Trim

#11 “Eh What’s Up Doc?” by Olivier Colle

#12 “Help” by Tibor Kercz

#13 “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks” by Masai Mara

#14 “Kung Fu Training, Austrailian Style” by Andrey Giljov

#15 “I’m OK” by Yamamoto Tsuneo

#16 “Angel bear” by Adam Parsons

#17 “A tough day at the office” by Angela Bohlke

#18 And last but not least, this smiling fella by Artyom Krivosheev