Man Sees Furry Family Moving Into His Garage On Camera

Jeffrey Peltier went out to his garage and spotted a mama cat and two kittens hiding under his motorcycle. He went to get the bathroom ready to house the feline family and came back to see two more kittens had appeared! He took them inside in a box and wondered where they’d come from and when…

Jeffrey Peltier

And that’s when he saw the footage on his outdoor security camera. This was right after a tropical storm came through Florida, so the mama must’ve been trying to find a safe place to keep her little ones. And Jeffrey was happy she chose his garage!

Jeffrey Peltier

After the family was able to settle in a bit, Jeffrey got them to the vet for checkups and care. They were all totally healthy, and the kittens would be put up for adoption when ready. As for mama Amelia, Jeffrey and his neighbor would allow the outdoor-loving cat to roam the area and come back to their homes whenever she wanted. They will take care of her and provide her with whatever she needs for the rest of her days! 🙂

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