German Shepherd Abandoned In A Metal Cage In The Hot Sun With No Food Or Water

Enfield police are on the lookout and asking the public for help regarding a German Shepherd who was found abandoned in a metal crate in the hot sun beside an embankment. The poor dog had no food or water and the cage was just small enough so that he couldn’t move around.

No one knows for sure how long the dog was stuck there like that, but he had started to become dehydrated. The good boy was taken to the vet for a checkup and is currently recovering back to health.

The dog is not up for adoption as of now, but that could change. In the meantime, the police are investigating the situation and hoping to track down the people who abandoned the dog. If anyone has any information, they can contact Officer Ryan at jryan @ or call 860-763-6400 ext. 1414.