Mom Unleashes The Golden Retrievers So They Can Jump In The Pool With Dad

This is heaven.

Some dogs love the water, and this family of Golden Retrievers can’t wait to jump in the pool! Dad’s already swimming, and the dogs are more than ready to join him. So mom walks over to the gate to unleash them, and it’s off to the races! Just look at all of those beautiful dogs go. 🙂

“What do you guys want?” mom asks the Goldens who clearly can’t wait to take a dip. “This is crazy! What’s dad doing inside by the pool, and us outside?”

Mom yells to dad to open the gate, and that’s when the fun begins! The dogs immediately jump into the swimming pool for a scene that looks so dreamy you may start to think you’re actually in heaven.

And that’s not even all of the dogs! Mom realizes that Bella got left outside of the gate. “Hold on, Bella. I’m going to open the gate for you.”

A beautiful day, perfect weather, a swimming pool, and a bunch of beautiful dogs. Does it get any better than this? 🙂