Someone Abandoned A Senior German Shepherd With Issues Due To Bad Breeding

Hope For Paws was contacted about a dog who was dumped at the park. The senior German Shepherd was abandoned by his owners, and he had health problems due to bad breeding. JoAnn and Katie arrived to see Grizzly lying amongst trash.

The good boy had been there for a little over a week. He suffered from spondylosis and arthritis and needed care. Despite all of his issues, he was in a good mood and happy to see people!

Grizzy had no microchip, and he was transported back to the hospital for a bath and checkup. It was there that they found he also suffered from chronic ear infections, but they fixed that with antibiotics.

Now Grizzy is just looking for a couch to retire on! So if you’d like to adopt him, you can contact The Lovejoy Foundation! 🙂

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