Groomer Opens Up Shop In Middle Of The Night For Dog Who Desperately Needs Makeover

He looks so different now.

A dog was found stranded in the middle of a busy Florida roadway in terrible shape. His body was covered in extremely matted fur, so it was obvious his past hadn’t been too kind to him. But he was about to get the makeover he so desperately needed.

Kari Falla owns and runs BGE Grooming, and when she got word of the pup in need, she knew she had to help. When Kari isn’t working, she dedicates her time to giving rescue animals the makeovers they need to attract adopters. So when she saw a post on Facebook about Lucky, she didn’t even hesitate to open up her shop in the middle of the night.

She contacted the person who found Lucky and said to meet her at the pet salon at midnight for a free grooming session. When they arrived with Lucky, Kari knew she had her work cut out for her.

It was one of the worst cases of neglect Kari had ever seen, and that was really saying something. Because of his matted fur, Lucky couldn’t walk and couldn’t poop, and he was infested with fleas. But she knew she could help…

Kari got to work right away, but it would take three hours to free Lucky from his matted shell.

It was a long process, but the dog’s true identity started to show.

Just look at all of the fur that was left behind. It may have been three hours, but the dog sat patiently the entire time and acted as if he knew Kari was there to help.

The final results were in. Doesn’t Lucky look amazing now? 🙂

Lucky then got what was probably his first bath ever.

Lucky was taken to a vet who determined the dog is blind and deaf. He was not microchipped, but the dog was now in good hands. And that’s all that matters.

Lucky was placed with a foster family where he could learn what it’s like to be a beloved pet while getting better every day. Lucky would eventually be put up for adoption to find that loving forever home! 🙂

It’s situations like this that make all of the hard work so worthwhile to Kari. Changing a dog physically and mentally is what it’s all about. And this transformation is the perfect example of the difference people can make.

Photo credits: Tiffany Grigsby, BGE Grooming
h/t The Dodo