19 Pics Of Grown-Up Pups That Prove Time Flies Way Too Fast

Where did the time go?

Time flies when you’re having fun, and what’s more fun than having a dog in your life? The 19 pictures below of grown-up pups are proof that time flies way too fast, and that’s why it’s so precious.

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 Not much has changed.

#2 “My Pupper evolved into a Doggo!”

#3 Just a little more fluff. 😉

#4 “He’s changed a little bit…”

#5 “Our baby is all grown up”

#6 Still has those puppy eyes.

#7 “Blooky! You’re so big now!”

#8 “So I have been with mum and dad for 2 years now and what a fantastic 2 years it has been!”

#9 “Still rocking that giant tongue and bunny ears!”

#10 “I am all grown up”

#11 Still Dad’s pup.

#12 With age comes responsibility! 😉

#13 Still pups at heart.

#14 The perks of growing up!

#16 The couch is now mine!

#17 “Me when I first came home/ me today 2 years old”

#19 “Best Friends Since 1997”