A Stray Pittie Roamed The Hillside Only Letting Her Guard Down At Night To Eat

Lisa Arturo took to the hills to try to help a pittie on the run who needed help. She was hard to track down, but they set up food and caught her on camera coming to eat at night. A makeshift shelter was created with blankets to give her a nicer place to stay until she could be rescued.

On day six, they would leave a smaller portion of food and set a trap. The dog needed to be hungry enough to step into the crate. It would be their last hope, and they were running out of time. And they’d return later to see Halo sitting in there waiting for help. 🙂

Halo had an awfully red nose but was so sweet and friendly. She was taken to the vet right away for a checkup, and it wouldn’t be long until she was on her way to a loving forever home! The dog loves her blankets and family trips to the beach, and it’s thanks to Big Love Animal Rescue for helping this girl out. 🙂