Harvest Mice Are The Cutest Little Critters, And A Photographer Took The Pics To Prove It

You’re bound to fall in love with them!

British photographer Miles Herbert runs Captivelight which offers a workshop for photographers of all skill levels the opportunity to shoot “Birds of Prey, Owls, Reptiles, and Frogs.” And during one particular session, the subject was the harvest mouse.

The colorful and vivid photographs show the critters at their cutest, and you’re bound to fall in love with them. Harvest mice are native to Europe and Asia and typically found in fields of cereal crops such as wheat and oats and other tall ground vegetation. During the photo shoot, the mice would snack at the stamens and the nectar of the flowers as Miles and his clients got to watch the critters go about their business while taking the up-close shots. A win-win for all involved! 🙂

You can find Captivelight on Facebook for more stunning photography.
h/t Bored Panda