20 Dogs Who Are Way Worse At Hide-And-Seek Than They Think

Ready or not, here we come!

There’s nothing quite like a game of Hide-and-Seek with the dog. But unlike fetch, they’re not always that great at it. So cut them some slack, will ya? 😉

Here are 20 dogs who are way worse at Hide-and-Seek than they think.

#1 I’ll give you one hint…

...I'm definitely not behind the curtain.

#2 Give up yet?

You'll never find me!

#3 Forgot to take off the collar.

Otherwise, I clearly would've won!

#4 Okay, how did you know?

My breath didn't give me away, did it??

#5 Hope you’re ready for this, human.

Got this game in the bag!

#6 Actually, this is pretty comfortable…

Take your time, human!

#7 You will NOT find me this time!

It's not even fair, good luck.

#8 I think I may have just found a new napping spot.

Forget the game, hooman.

#9 Yeah, you’re right. This is the spot.

They'll never find us here... genius!

#10 If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

Right? 😛

#11 Okay, how’d ya do it??

All of that work for nothing.

#12 Lifting the furniture is against the rules.

You're disqualified, I win!

#13 Am I all the way in?

I think I'm all the way in...

#14 Ready!

Please don't come over here, please don't come over here...

#15 I found the PERFECT spot!

Just give up, mom!

#16 Okay, you clearly cheated…

How would you know to look in here?

#17 This is my best hiding spot yet!

I'm so glad they bought all of these toys.

#18 Game over.

If it weren't for my floofy behind...

#19 Just try and find me, hooman!

It can't be done.

#20 I should’ve known…

This is the spot you spend most of your time, dad.