Dog Was Neglected And Tied Up With A Blanket Hiding The Scars Of Her Past

Honey was found neglected and abused and tied to a barrier with a bloody blanket that covered the wounds around her neck. Her mouth was taped shut with electrical tape, and every rib in her body was visible. How could someone?

Rescuers immediately freed the dog and got her over to Yakima Valley Pet Rescue for urgent care. Honey needed about a dozen stitches put in her neck and would need to return later to have a drain tube installed. The poor girl had been used as a bait dog in the past, but she’d never know of this life again.

The two-to-three-year-old mother of multiple litters over the years would need lots of love and care, but she was set on the road to recovery surrounded by loving people. Honey is doing well and adjusting to this new lifestyle, and she loves being around kids! So sweet after such a terrible past, Honey deserves every bit of happiness that comes her way. 🙂