Dog Left To Fend For Himself After His Owner Died Was Seen Dodging Traffic

The poor thing was lost in life and didn’t know what to do.

Hope For Paws responded to a report of a stray dog living around a retirement home and set out to investigate. The neighbors believed the owner had passed away and that the dog was left behind to fend for himself. Rescuers saw him dodging traffic and running in and out of the neighborhood when they arrived.

The dog ran into someone’s driveway, and the rescuers saw their chance. The dog was friendly and approachable, so it was easy to clip the Lucky Leash to the collar already around his neck. Hope For Paws was relieved to rescue him before he got hit by a car.

They named him Yoda and took him in for a checkup. The pup finally felt safe and was able to relax. PAL Rescue took him in as a foster until he can find his forever home. What a happy story, but the best is yet to come for Yoda! 🙂

If you’d like to help Hope For Paws continue to save homeless dogs, you can donate here.

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