Resident Walking Their Dog Finds Hot Dog Pieces Containing Nails On The Ground

The Newport RI Police Department took to Facebook to warn dog owners of what was found littered across local area lawns. A resident was walking their dog when they found pieces of hot dog cut up and filled with nails.

Newport RI Police Department/Facebook

“On May 4th 2020 in the Thurston Ave area police responded to a report that a resident, while walking his dog noticed pieces of hot dogs scattered on the lawns, upon further checking it revealed that the hot dogs contained nails,” they wrote.

How or why someone would do something like this to intentionally hurt animals, no one knows. But no matter where you live, keep this in mind and be careful while out and about with your pups. You never know what they may come across on the ground.

As of publishing, the incident was being investigated by the Newport, Rhode Island, police department.